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Country Scraps Websites

Website services by John V. Price


In business today, it is not a question of if, but rather when you will create or have created for you a web presence.  Many have balked because the cost is prohibitive or just don't know how to go about creating a website, where to host it and how to keep it up to date.

Are you looking for a web presence?  If you would like a website created for your business or organization, please see the information below and I will get your business on the world wide web. 

Basic  Web Site

Websites created by
Country Scraps Websites

The initial website consists of:

3-4 pages of text based materials

As many tables as needed to complete the site

Navigation Bar and Text Navigation

As many links as necessary to complete the project

Email button or email link

digital photos - cropped/reduced as needed

Company Logos and graphics

Theme colors and background


Amidst The Mountains Cabin - A vacation rental 8 miles outside of  Wellsboro PA and 5-6 miles from the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon.

Black Bear Log Cabin - A vacation rental located in the Tioga State Forest lands West of Wellsboro

Cedar Pines Chalet - A vacation property available to rent South of Wellsboro along beautiful Pine Creek

Country Scraps - A website dedicated to promoting Country Music in Pennsylvania. The site lists monographs of local bands, country concerts listing and a listing of venues throughout the state that provide live country music entertainment. Country Scraps is the home of the Pennsylvania Country Music WebRing.

Country Scraps Websites - this website

Craig's Log Cabin - A vacation rental located West of Wellsboro in the Tioga State Forest lands.

Homepage of John and Sandi Price

Don Williams Fan Site - An unofficial Website dedicated to one of the most talented country artists of the 1970's and 80's who is still producing great country music today. This Don Williams website has a complete listing of Don Williams albums, tapes and CD's, the bio of the "Gentle Giant" plus articles, photos and links.

Garrisons Mens Shop - Established in 1955, Garrisons Men's Shop offers a wide selection of quality men's clothing, specializing in suits and tuxedos

Harland's Restaurant - Located in downtown Wellsboro, Harlands is a family style restaurant serving breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as catering services.

Mansfield Inn - A privately owned motel in Downtown Mansfield.  

The Native Bagel - Located in Downtown, Wellsboro, this restaurant specializes in bagels, specialty sandwiches, specialty coffees and pastries. Open mic night every Monday evening - smoke free environment

PA Grand Canyon Airport - The Grand Canyon Airport is located 6 miles Southwest of Downtown Wellsboro. It is available for use by business and private aircraft. Formerly a state run airport, the Grand Canyon Airport has been purchased by the Grand Canyon Airport Authority and is run by K and W Aviation.

Pine Creek Arts Council - The Pine Creek Arts Council is an organization that provides money and programs for the Arts in Tioga County 

River of Pines Lodge - A vacation rental located west of Wellsboro. The Lodge sits on the North bank of Pine Creek and overlooks Pine Creek and hundreds of acres of State Forest land on the creek's South bank.

SHUCKS Fan Page  - SHUCKS was one of Pennsylvania's premier country music bands during the late 80's and early 90's. As head of the SHUCKS fan club, Sandi and I attended many shows, I took lots of photos. We produced their quarterly newsletter. Although the band is no longer performing together, they will always be in our hearts. Hence we built this web page and dedicated it to some very talented musicians.

Timeless Destination - Wellsboro's finest restaurant is located on Main Street and specializes in Italian cuisine. Also, live entertainment in their smoke-free lounge on Friday nights. - The Website of the Wellsboro Area Chamber of Commerce, includes tourist and business information about Wellsboro, Pennsylvania. Wellsboro is home of the Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania and the Pennsylvania State Laurel Festival. Look here for accommodations, attractions, shopping and restaurants in this beautiful small town in North-central Pennsylvania.

West's Auto Sales - Located between Wellsboro and Mansfield on Rt 6, West's sells and rents cars, vans and trucks. 


Materials Needed to Create your site

Text describing your business or organization.  Brochures are useful.
Digital photos
Graphic of Logo.  We can scan if necessary


The host is the computer where we place the files for your website.  There are a number of choices for free hosting.

I prefer to use  hosting service for new sites because it allows me to put your site on the internet without additional hosting charges and uses a naming structure similar to a dot com (.com).  For instance, my site is Country Scraps and can be found at  Because they place advertising on your site, the host service is free. 

If you wish to register for a "dot com" name there are a number of hosts (including Tripod)  that provide additional services. The cost will depend on the type of service you require. 

For example, Garrisons Mens Shop website, is a ""  that is hosted at Tripod.

The Wellsboro Area Chamber of Commerce website is hosted at  

There are no advertisements on paid host services.  


The fee for the basic site to be prepared and uploaded to the host of your choice is 50.00/hour - minimum 5 hours ($250.00).    

Hosting on Tripod - Free. hosting on Tripod - From $8.95 per month.

Updates and Changes

Once the initial layout is prepared and uploaded, I charge an additional fee for updates, changes or addition services of $50.00/hour (minimum 1 hour).  

Other services include domain name registration (does not include registration costs), registration on search engines, page counters, guest books and changing hosts. 

If you would like more information about this service, please e-mail me at

Billing Policy for all Website Work

25% of the estimate for web sites must be paid in advance.  Balance remaining to be paid in full before delivery of completed work. The website will be placed on a private URL so it may be viewed while under construction. Payment in full must be made before viewing of the entire Website is permitted.

All pages are Copyrighted & reserved by John Price.  All images remain the property of the photographer or artist.

We reserve the right to include the following on the bottom of each page we create:

Country Scraps Websites
2005 by John Price
All rights reserved. 


Country Scraps Websites
2005 by John V. Price
All rights reserved.